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Perry penguin-FNaF oc by Asenath-Nightroad
Perry penguin-FNaF oc
For now this but when i get home ill upload all his info.
Fnat: scott
Pirazian-loki redisign by Asenath-Nightroad
Pirazian-loki redisign
Redising of my pyrazian loki, soon ill be sure t paint it hopefully but retains the same color scheme.

Pyrazian species (c) :iconasenath-nightroad:
Shinlai Try out- FINISHED by Asenath-Nightroad
Shinlai Try out- FINISHED

Name: Arkadios Ishmael
Age: 42
Gender: male
D.O.B.: December 3
Birth season: Winter
Type: Rare, Heavy furred and short tail
Height and Weight: 9'11'' and 7,431 (Inches short from 10)
Allegiance: Neutral
Belief: Daila
S.O.: straight
Mate: None
Element: Water
Body build:  Stocky and muscular, likes to haul carts and big fish nets and also, since his element take a lot, he has trained to have a sturdy body to support his element, thought he is a bit short legged. Has LOTS of fluff.

Personality: Loyal, compassionate, Free spirited, Hard worker, helpful, understanding, Naive, thinks of others before himself.


Arkadios was born of a family of healers, both his parents were air elements and lived up in Crystal City helping the ill and the wounded.  As this, he usually was around sick people and he learned to be compassionate and emphatic, always helping his parents out, though when free time or when away playing, you could usually find him swimming up in sea catching up fishes that strayed to close to the beach. His mother was also a trader often traveling around the land selling and trading up her herbal potions that she brewed, Arkadios always going along with her while his father stayed back. Since small he always hanged around his parents and often knew new people and shinlai alike, his personality molding along with this. As he grew up he became hard worker, honest and always happy to lend a hand. Between the years besides learning all about herbs and brews, he also got interested on fishing, usually helping the local fishermen to stock and/or sell upon the market as well as fish for him to bring over at home, being a bit of a seaman, or better seabeast .

 One day when his mother went over to her travels, Arkadios, at the age of 23, went over to help out the fishermen like always, but there were these storms clouds that made him uneasy but nonetheless went over to help in sea. On high sea as they used the nets and the traps the storm came over, not as tough as expected, but indeed it made fishing impossible, rains making them have poor visibility up ahead while they traveled, as wind didn’t help maintain a proper course.  He helped up on deck to stash up the fish they had already caught up and try to keep the deck free of dangers in case a wave struck them hard but to everyone’s surprise it was something else that caught their attention, as she ship jerked hard making some of crewmate fall overboard as those down on the hold yelled about a leak on the hull. Arkadios there was divided on where to help but decided to help those on the water, getting tied up and jumping overboard quickly fighting with the waves and swimming over to the two crewmates.  As he managed to reach one, he lost sight of the other as the waves were constantly washing at his face looking for him, the only option being dunking his head down to see where he was. Arkadios dunked his head a couple times, but still no sight of him the only one that he saved holding tightly at his fur as assurance that there was nothing he could do,  Arkadios just getting over to swim back at the boat, before a big wave shoved him and the crewmember back down in deep water.  He felt that the water got into his mouth and nostrils and since it was sudden, he couldn’t take up a breather when he was out, trying his hardest to get back on the surface pulling along the only one that he managed to rescue, but while he kept trying to get up, it seemed than he couldn’t get far enough and ended deep again, frustrating him but also lessening his strength since he used everything to keep going. He felt the man at his paws go limp and quickly  got nervous as something at the back of his head snapped at the moment, once again he hurriedly trying to get out and by some force doing so, ending at the deck of the ship in once move but afterward seeing everything go black.

 By the next time he woke, the sun was shining and at the distance, the docks could be seen, still blurry on the details on what happened that night as the man that he saved sat beside him and gave him a nice bowl of food.

“You been out cold for a while comrade, also thank you for saving me life over there”

Arkadios heard him say as he simply nodded, snout on his bowl of food as then the captain, explained the rest of the situation to him, being surprised by the fact that due the circumstances his element awakened, and unlike his parents he used water, possibly the reason why he blacked out afterwards. As they docked in port, he quickly got out of the boat and his sea legs made him wobbly on the land chuckling before getting stable and rushing full speed after getting his things back to his house. As he got home he was overjoyed and told his parents on what happened, both of them surprised by the outcome but happy to know he already was a full grown shinlai and that finally his element showed up. On the upcoming years he trained himself and with other water shinlai to try and master such a hard element, having fruitful outcomes and some more sour, but he had good years to come to keep training up on it. His father commissioned upon a mark for him from an elder shinlai, the one still today wears that is of oak, with resin and wax to make it durable.

At the age of 33 he began traveling alone, being an fisher for hire for those fishermen that needed an elemental hand and also a traveling medicinal merchant, selling up brews and potions his mother gave him and some that himself even has done. From there he has met many shinlai and humans alike and he keeps himself neutral for that same reason, but even thought that he does believe in Daila. In one of his travels he got his mask fixed up with steel reinforcement so to use his main weapons that are two fake fangs that between the years he learned to use and even cover them in ice for better protection, saving him from a few ambushes along or even when he trained with other water shinlai along the way as he always looked for more knowledge from elder water elemental shinlai.

Now at the age of 42 he is still an able seaman and a healer, but mostly seaman as his love for the see is the same as many years ago and it’s a fire that will keep burning deep inside his heart, always happy to lend a hand and to never back out of trouble no matter the outcome.

The sea, Fishing, food (and if its with fish better) his family, traveling.

Being alone for too long, rainy days for fishing (since what happened)

Resides: the world is his house, but usually he has a small cave near Elladen on Moon Lake, enough space and water to be around and to fish as well.

UGHHHH THIS IS TAKING LONGED THAN EXPECTED! XD still missing a few things here and there. Also PHOTOSHOP IS A D*CK Bl
just a slight preview before finishing the info and the details.

So this is my tryout on number 8 THAT FLUFFY BEAR!

Shinlai: :iconalanaroseheart:
Art: :iconasenath-nightroad:
Cause this needed an update lol. Just being here and there and everywhere and more since im working. Working on pictures in a really slow pace REEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY slooooooooooooooow XD but ill be updates either one a week or two :D
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: News
  • Reading: Conputer
  • Watching: T.V.
  • Playing: Asphalt 8: Airborn
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water
Cause this needed an update lol. Just being here and there and everywhere and more since im working. Working on pictures in a really slow pace REEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY slooooooooooooooow XD but ill be updates either one a week or two :D
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: News
  • Reading: Conputer
  • Watching: T.V.
  • Playing: Asphalt 8: Airborn
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water

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